Blood & Bombay Black by L.A. Nolan

In the gripping sequel to the electrifying “Blood & Brown Sugar,” Alex Crossman mounts up once again in a heart-pounding thriller that plunges readers into the gritty realm of motorcycle clubs, brotherhood, and betrayal.

After narrowly slipping through the National Crime Bureau’s grasp in their last encounter, the notorious Iron Horses MC face a relentless adversary in Sandeep Bohla. Fueled by a burning vendetta, Bohla orchestrates a covert mission to permanently dismantle the Horses’ drug empire in India. As the pressure intensifies from above, Crossman finds himself entangled in a web of danger, deceit, and shifting allegiances.

The Fallen Angels, harboring their own thirst for vengeance, devise a cunning plan to infiltrate the Iron Horses. Using a seductive femme fatale, they aim to unravel the club’s tightly-knit brotherhood from within. Meanwhile, a newly emerged motorcycle club in Mumbai unwittingly becomes a pawn in the deadly game, inadvertently exposing a traitor seated at the Iron Horses’ table.

As the tension escalates and the stakes reach a fever pitch, the Iron Horses must navigate the treacherous waters of loyalty and betrayal. Can they weather the storm unleashed by their enemies, or is this the final chapter for the embattled club? In “Riders of Retribution,” expect a high-octane ride through the seedy underbelly of motorcycle culture, where survival means playing the deadliest game of all.

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