The 5 Day Plan by Ashish Rastogi

Dr. Akhil is a brilliant surgeon who can replace a hip with ease, but when it comes to matters of the heart, he’s a complete klutz. With his curly hair and glasses, he’s the epitome of awkwardness, stumbling over his own words and fidgeting nervously. But even the most hapless romantic can find love with a bit of planning, right?

Enter Plan A, a straightforward attempt at winning over someone’s heart. But what should have been a heartfelt conversation turns into a chaotic explosion of shouting, tears, and abandonment. Undeterred, Akhil shifts to Plan B. A year in London seems like the perfect opportunity to reinvent his romantic fortunes, but alas, a reality dating show shatters his second plan. Not that it matters much to Akhil; he finds solace in his collection of beloved plant babies—Priyamvada, the elegant Ms. Fancy Pants, and the dependable Zami. They are far more reliable companions than the stars he gazes at each night, which seem to conspire against him.

But fate has different plans. As much as Akhil tries to evade it, he finds himself ensnared by a three-letter Plan: KDA—Keep Dan Away. Dan, “the player,” is determined to breach Akhil’s defenses, causing accidental encounters that seem all too intentional. With a mix of flying forks, tripping legs, and a self-proclaimed kiss coach, Akhil’s life spirals into hilarious disarray.

As he navigates the minefield of romance, Akhil also contends with the nosy Keely matriarch and her two comedic sidekicks. With their interference and Dan’s persistent pursuit, Akhil’s once-structured life descends into chaos. “Love, Clumsily Orchestrated” is a heartwarming and uproarious tale of one man’s journey from surgical precision to the unpredictable realm of love, reminding us that even the most meticulously crafted plans can’t account for the delightful messiness of the heart.

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