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Our Latest Anthology - A Bagful Of Stories

Stories define us. They are an indelible part of our lives and a reflection of who we are and who we can be. We all have a storyteller hidden within us and it is with this belief and in the spirit of storytelling that we have brought forth our fifth anthology – A Bagful of Stories!

Inviting submissions in every genre for a potpourri of ideas, themes, and expressions!

Put on your creative caps and get ready to fill up the bag!


Coming Soon! TCC Awards will aim to highlight, honour, and acknowledge some of the best writing talent from around the globe. Intended to be a game-changer in the landscape of literary awards, TCC Awards will soon start inviting nominations. Stay tuned.


Customer reviews

The TCC team sent periodical email blasts to their set of readers (and shared the details with me daily). My debut book ranked 1 for those three days on 10 Amazon categories in the free books section!It's nearly been 20 days since then and lo and behold, my book is still ranking 1 on 5 Amazon categories. Every day I wake up seeing the book trending on bestseller charts and my mood is set. The KENP reads have been at an all-time high.

600+ downloads during the TCC's email blast campaign, paid sales and 2000+ KENP reads in just two days. It was a surreal experience seeing my work on the bestsellers list


"The editor went way and beyond to transform my chunky first draft into a polished manuscript. Highly impressed by the TCC team's professionalism, expertise and I was amazed at how communicative they were during the entire process!

Christine B.