Publishing a book, whether traditionally or independently, is just half the task done. Marketing your book is always an uphill task as visibility and appeal to the correct readership is a must before your book can start winning hearts and accolades! The marketing team at The Creative Circle ensures that your book reaches millions of your targeted readers through optimized, tailor-made, tried and tested strategies that really work in terms of elevating reach, increasing sales, and building a successful brand.

We create unique, catchy, platform-specific infographics and videos based on the book and keep on spreading the message relentlessly across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc with the  focus on targeted readership. We also create social media sales copy of your book and run ads to drive an influx of interested readers  to your book page/website.

Through our curated email list of a subscriber base of more than 10K, categorized as per genre preferences of different readers, we blast out focused, personalized emails based on your book that are a sure-shot way to generate more sales, free downloads, as well as organic Kindle Unlimited Reads. We have tasted success using these campaigns for many bestselling authors.

We have tied up with avid bloggers with SEO optimized blogs who can write articles based on your book so that not only your book content ranks well in Google but also a domino-effect wave of awareness is created amongst the readers. We solicit reviews on behalf of the author from literary enthusiasts and voracious readers who are constantly on the lookout for new books and we showcase these reviews through our website, blogs, and several social media handles.

Author Branding is one of our focus areas as we believe that readers today pick books not only through book promotions or recommendations but also on the basis of how much they admire or relate to the author. We conduct author interviews, interactive sessions, podcasts, as well as book reading programs so that readers can connect to various aspects of the author’s persona and are motivated to follow them on social media and try out their books. Not only this, we have professional digital marketers on board who can handle the author’s social media handles and organically increase reach as well as engagement of their profiles.

Our marketing also involves booking spots on the TCC website Spotlight feature that contain clickable links to your book/website page, our E-magazine feature, as well as hosting contests and giveaways for capturing attention for the book’s content.

What makes us stand apart from the rest is the personalized attention given to the book as well as the author’s journey that enables us to showcase the highlights and the intended messages in an appealing way. We engage in organic cross-platform discussions that evince the reader’s interest without it looking too much like a sales pitch but rather as a friend recommending the book to another.Our clients have always appreciated our dedicated style of working where we strive to constantly update them about the progress of the campaigns, measure metrics of their book ranks and reviews with concomitant improvement of performance along with personalized follow-ups on all our marketing campaigns. Rest assured, we always try to go above and beyond to deliver more than what we promise!

As we believe that every book is different and each author can have their own set of expectations of success ratios as well as budget, we chalk out customized plans after discussions with the author and careful evaluation of the book, to achieve maximum impact of the marketing campaigns.

So, look no further for marketing your book, for the Creative Circle is waiting to catapult your book  to the sensational appreciation it deserves!