Editing is one of the most crucial aspects of the writing process. Not only does the editor provide a third pair of eyes and an objective view of your work, they also fine-tune your manuscript and help you bring out a polished piece in front of your readers.

There are three major types of editing:

➤ Developmental Editing

➤ Copy-Editing

➤ Line-Editing

Developmental Editing:

In this the editor works with you at the conceptual stage and helps you find the plot, characters, narrative style, etc. for your story. The final product is, of course, written by you but the editor walks you through the initial difficult process of putting together the story idea, the plot devices, and the characterizations for your book.


This is extremely important for a good finished product. In Copy-Editing, the editor goes through every alphabet and every word of your manuscript and corrects any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation error that there might be. In short, a copy-editor makes your manuscript uncluttered and presentable to your readers by ensuring that there are no mistakes in the language used or in syntax and spelling.

Line Editing:

In Line-Editing, the editor goes through your manuscript line by line and works with you on a structural as well as on a plot enhancement level. The editor helps you to sort out your chapters, work on characterizations, develop a good style of dialogue, and iron out any overall chinks that there might be in the story.

We offer all the editing services mentioned above as well as Proofreading, Beta-Reading, and Alpha-Reading.

With our best in the industry editorial team you can rest assured of a quality product at the most competitive of prices because we believe in stories and want to help as many authors as possible to bring out their stories in the market.