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Community Updates

The first edition of the TCC Community Meet was held on 05-06-2021. Our members participated in ‘The Elevator Pitch’ activity as well as engaged in a fun Q&A session. Based on polls in the Telegram group, Chandrayan Gupta was selected as the top performer of the session while Urvashi Tandon and Chandrayan Gupta were selected to have the ‘best book pitches”. They won special features from our side. 



A diverse mix of readers and authors come together to discuss their favourite tropes and trends in the genres of scifi and mythological fiction. Author Sambit Daspatnaik, who’s penned the bestselling book ‘The Last War & Other Stories’ gives some unique insights into the intriguing world of mythology and how scifi offers explanations to events.

For our second community meet, our members came together to narrate some unique short stories, book excerpts, poems from their collection. Fun interactions and lots of beautiful narrations that will warm your hearts. We had some unique narrations from Urvashi Tandon, Lee Nolan, Niladri Chakraborty, Niladri Shekhar Mitra, Nilshree Damani Yelulkar, Neeraj SK, Jackson Chang, Shalini Ranjan, Preeti Nair Nayak, Pushan Mitra Hazra, Kaustav Majumder, Anand Ahuja, Chitra Padmana, Abhishek Ghosh and we thank Yakub Totanawala who supported us by joining in to lift everyone’s morale even though he was not well.

Our third community meet was associated with a ‘Flash Fiction Challenge’ where our members had to write and narrate a flash fiction within 350 words. Lee Nolan won the best narration certificate while Shalini Ranjan scored high with her story that was adjudged to be the best.

We organized an awareness session on ‘Overcoming Challenges of Type 1 Diabetes’ where doctors, counsellors, students and T1D champions came together on a common platform. This was on occasion of Geetika Singh’s book launch.


-We have successfully carried out the orientation of the second batch of TCC Bookaholics. We carried out discussions on fantasy fiction, classics, World War II themed books. We also explained our vision of supporting independent authors.



Chitra Padmana’s book ‘Linger, When You’re Gone’ was selected as a finalist in the prestigious PentoPublish contest on Amazon. It went onto win the second place in the English Long Format category.

See Details Here

Sambit Daspatnaik, Yakub Totanawala, Yuktha Asrani, Shalini Ranjan, Niladri Shekhar Mitra and Chandrayan Gupta’s novels have been trending as bestsellers in various categories.

Several of our authors received invitation from Amazon to join the Prime reading program for their books – Namita Das, Shalini Ranjan, Shanu Shah, Chitra Padmana, Niladri Mitra, Chandrayan Gupta

Our esteemed TCC members have been interviewed on air and the episodes were aired over 12+ radio platforms & 20+ podcast shows.


Pre-launch Period

Within a span of just forty-five days, we built a community of more than sixty TCC authors and writers and created a readers community. We established a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We successfully completed:

5 Marketing Projects
2 Book Trailers
3 Book Covers
4 Editing Projects
3 Logo Designs
1 Web Development Project

We are currently working on
3 Editing Projects
4 Marketing Projects
2 Trailer Designs
2 Cover Designs
2 Websites
1 Audiobook

Soul Hymns

We organized a nationwide poetry contest that saw an overwhelming response. Poets from all over the country participated in it and the top twenty-four were chosen to be co-authors in our first ever anthology titled Soul Hymns.

The book released on the 31st of January 2021 and was an instant success, trending in several categories across many days. The reviews soon began to pour in on many social platforms and readers were left touched and mesmerized by the creativity on offer.

Soul Hymns Book Cover


Three winners – Dr. Manjusri Nair, Aryaa S Nayak, and Lekhoni Acharya – were chosen for their outstanding submissions and a series of events were held prior and after the book’s release which included a poetry workshop, live recitals, and author videos, all of which can be found in our YouTube channel.

Amazon Link



We also organized our first art contest called Jan-Art-Uary.

Artists from all over submitted their brilliant art pieces from abstract paintings to impressionist works and pastel drawings and were featured across all our social handles.

Jan-Art-Uary is TCC’s attempt at highlighting other creative pursuits other than literature and the response to it has been outstanding.

TCC is constantly looking to expand and branch out to several avenues of creativity and many more such initiatives are on the cards