The Hues & Quills Initiative​

The Hues & Quills Initiative aims to unite art and writing into a series of e-books and paperbacks for creative collaborations and generate awareness around relevant issues prevailing in the society. As The Creative Circle believes in finding purpose in creativity and craft for the benefit of the society, we are proud to be associated with The Hues and Quills Initiative.

Our vision is to raise funds through this initiative by donating sale proceeds to charitable institutions and NGOs in India that work towards upliftment of the society through alleviation of poverty, women empowerment, communal harmony, mental health, sexual and reproductive rights and disaster management.

A nationwide art contest was organized in October, 2020 and we are currently going to publish our first anthology based on mental health.

The Hues & Quills Initiative​

Our Readers Community - TCC Bookaholics

The Creative Circle has established an exclusive readers community that engages in vibrant discussions and book reading sessions. The WhatsApp family of book lovers regularly has informal chats about books, writing and authors. The TCC Bookaholics community is an eclectic mix of teachers, working professionals, doctors, students and various other literary enthusiasts who are united by their common love for books. The Creative Circle regularly organizes live thematic discussions, giveaways of books and gift merchandise as well as contests for TCC Bookaholics members

We are also going to start our Facebook group of TCC Bookaholics.

Through the readers community, The Creative Circle aims at not only spreading the joy of reading but also inculcating the culture of supporting new authors and interacting with them to connect to their journeys.